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    Socal/San Diego Surf Trip Ideas?

    East Coast resident/surfer all my life and taking my first trip out to the west this Christmas. Staying in la jolla and excited to get a little taste of California Winters. I have family who surf from LA but they don't know much aside from the main spots in regards to San Diego. Looking to hit some of the well known spots (scripps, blacks, ocean beach) but also wanna get some recommendations on where to go to avoid the crowds/lil more subtle spots where fun surf can still be found. Been surfing recreationally for most of my life (20 years old) and bringing a 5'9 lost thruster setup with me. Local San Diego guys probably hear this every winter from east coasters but any advice, areas to check out/how to find some hidden gems would be sweet.

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    Before you seek advise, let me advise you to create a proper’ intro tread.

    Maybe if you’re lucky scobey** will trow you some tips. He was good to my crew when I came.

    The spots I had most fun at were in Pacific Beach and Oceanside, but that was also in the summer during S. swell season. There’s lots of coastline to do reconne. I would recommend you do some homework and then just sand/reef reconne in your free time when you get out there.

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    Head north and go straight to Mavricks.

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    Tijuana Sloughs, middle reef, some of the best waves i've ever ridden, for some reason it's never crowded.

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    Roberto's Taco Shop, DO IT!!!!!!! Get the carne asada burrito! PB is fun, Scripps is fun, OB is fun, Wind and Sea is fun, just drive and look. Last time I surfed CA, I surfed La Jolla, fun little 3 to 4. Have fun! Go to TJ, just watch out for the cartel.

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    Which part of La Jolla are you staying? It's a big city with an even bigger variety of surf conditions.

    If you're 20 years old and single, good nightlife to be found in nearby Pacific Beach (PB to everyone in SD) and the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown SD.

    Touron activities not to be missed include the world famous SD Zoo, Balboa Park and Old Town, although there are dozens of other options.

    I prefer La Jolla reefs around Palomar and Marine streets, with Blacks and Imperial Beach being high on the list for favorite beach breaks.

    OB is consistent but is the repository for every single kook east of I-5 and is usually clogged. Give Oceanside a try on clean small swells with lower tides.

    Don't forget to check out the side streets along Encinitas and Leucadia, usually glassier than other spots and produces the occasional nug.

    Oh yeah, and the Roberto's thing for sure. A lot of Filberto's and Alberto's and other similar knockoffs abound, but gotta try Roberto's carne asada burrito at least once in your life.

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    Head north and go straight to Mavricks.

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    I like to go North toward Cardiff and Swamis, Moonlight can be a fun spot then if you go far enough you'll hit San-O and Trestles, don't get caught drinking beer on the beach to cops hang out on the cliff with binoculars looking for violators.

    In regards to Robertos...Filibertos is the original. However the original Robertos located on the road headed toward toward the Sub base at Point Loma is the best one. Many late nite stops back in the day before headed back to base.

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    Oh, almost forgot check the water temps. I spent last winter down there and all I needed was a Spring suit. My 3/2 just sat in the closet the whole time. Locals thought I was crazy but the air temp was 75-80 the whole time and the water temp was 68.

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    Goode treade, and timely for me as I'm headed to SD for a week this coming Saturday. Went there once before in Jan-Feb 2015 for a two-week work trip that is high on the list of best vacations I've ever taken. My sister in law lives there with her boyfriend so I've got a lot of info from them but will def be keeping an eye on this treade for additional suggestions as well. Did not get to Roberto's that time so I'll have to check that out. For OP, when I was there once before I was obsessed with oscar's mexican seafood, kiko's place taco truck on texas st., bird rock coffee, the burritos and salsas at lucha libre, and all of the breweries. specifically stone liberty station's outdoor area was maybe the coolest ambiance of a brewery i've been to, not even sure which was my favorite beer-wise, probably alpine which is about a half hour east of the city and the vibe there was the most bizarre mix of hipster beer snobs from all over the west coast and local redneck backyard white-trash bbq, i've never seen anything like it, the beer was awesome though. I think this was not too long after green flash bought alpine so hopefully they haven't impacted the quality produced at the original location too much, i'd like to get back out there.

    As far as waves, I didn't find any secret spots but surfed all sorts of different areas from sunset cliffs up to blacks and in between. It was head high for a good portion of the time I was there. Basically just lived on fish tacos and beer and surfed good waves for a couple hours every day for a week straight. And it was work travel, so I was on per diem and everything was free. Like I said, best vacation of my life, until maybe my recent trip to hawaii (also free). But I digress. If anyone more familiar with the area wants to tell me my food recommendations suck, feel free to go **** yourself. I know good food and good beer and the places I mentioned have it.

    Question for current or former locals though: aside from the phenomenal beer, mexican food (seafood mostly, to be honest the non-seafood mexican, while far better than NJ, was not quite as amazing as I expected), waves, and legal weed, what other things are great about living in SD? (I feel like the correct answer to that question is "who ****ing cares, is that not enough?") I am working on a full-on sales pitch for my wife while we are out there to convince her we need to move there. Also, how practical is it for one of us to be working in SD (I'm in a Government-related field so tons of opportunities for me there) and one in Irvine (her employer has an office there, she could start showing up there tomorrow basically with minimal paperwork) and living somewhere in between? Doable if working from home and only commuting a couple days a week? Or completely out of the question?