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Thread: Ben Gravy Train

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    I started following Ben Gravy when he started pursuing novelty waves. I've watched him surf the gulf, the great lakes, Pennsylvania in the lake and in a river and he surfed the cape may ferry wave. I like how he finds the locals at every novelty spot and gets their stoke captured on film like Kelly Slaker. Then I dove into his nut shot videos where he would get kicked in the balls for content, so I respect him. I thought he was just a legend until I saw him in person at my home break.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    I like him. He's like the east coast modern version of Corky Carroll. I wouldn't buy a coconut themed Gravy hat, or tee shirt, or lanyard, or wax comb, but I might accept a free coconut themed Gravy beer can coozy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley Martin's Disgruntled Neighbor View Post
    I like him. He's like the east coast modern version of Corky Carroll. I wouldn't buy a coconut themed Gravy hat, or tee shirt, or lanyard, or wax comb, but I might accept a free coconut themed Gravy beer can coozy.
    You slut......

  4. Big thumbs up to him for being on a positive path and having fun doing what he loves to do. He's also great with the kids and my son and his friends have been in a couple of his ElSlammo and bay wave videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exit98 View Post
    His self promoting videos are nauseating
    Agreed 100 percent. Just another millennial looking for attention

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    I don't care if people make money off of youtube. The only thing that annoys me is I started watching this one girl on there, she reviews food, mostly fast food, but she hasn't had a new video in almost two months, so I doubt she's making **** right now. The one thing that annoyed me was that she would ask people to venmo her money if they wanted her to make a certain dish or review a certain item. Yet, she barely ever makes video's anymore. She's done Q and A's and mentioned that she has a dayjob, so I understand she might not have enough time. I wouldn't send her money to make a meal, since she'll probably never make it and she'll be using it to feed herself, without doing a review on it. This is a new trend right now on youtube, they're called mukbangers for those unfamiliar with them. One of the most popular of the bunch of Joey's World Tour, who is this 400+ pound guy that makes weird animal noises and acts like his Jack In The Box burger is the greatest dish he's ever had the privilege of devouring.

    Some people also use youtube as a means to promote their already well running business, which I think it also fine. If you don't wanna support these people that you think are loafing off of youtube subscribers, definitely don't send them any money directly, and don't watch their videos, as I believe they make money off of so many hits and views or whatever.

  7. Quote:

    One of the engrained beliefs that many have is that there is a limited supply of wealth, health, happiness — you name it. So, when they see somebody else exuding one of these traits, instead of being inspired thinking, “I can have this too” they instead go to a place of, “oh great, he/she got all the fill-in-the-blank, and there’s none left for me,” which stirs up negative feelings like resentment, jealousy and self-loathing. These feelings, in turn, tend to manifest into negative actions such as gossiping, self-victimizing or belittling what others have worked for. Unfortunately, exuding this type of negative energy tells the Universe, “I don’t want or deserve to be happy,” and further blocks positive energy and happiness from coming in. We don’t get what we want, we get what we are. The cycle repeats and one becomes trapped with a proverbial grey cloud over their head.

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    Looks like someone finally got to drop knowlegde gleaned from college Psych/Sociology classes.

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    Exit98 and Littlerhody Please watch a video through before you make statements like that. You tell me what the problem is with someone trying to stoke people out to surf. He is one of the most gracious and just genuinely happy people I have ever met. Nothing fake about him. Doesn't believe anyone owes him anything, just knows how to work for what he wants. I'm really sorry your life has so much negativity that you feel the need to **** on people who live to make themselves and others happy. Grow up man, time keeps moving forward whether you like it or not and this is what the world has come to. No need to shoot someone down for trying to spread love and happiness.

  10. I hope all you knuckleheads feel terrible about yourselves for sharting on Ben Gravy.

    The man, the myth, the legend known as Kelly Slater, stated in a social media post that he was inviting Ben Gravy to his wave pool next year, which I think is pretty damn rad!

    I guess it pays to be positive?