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Thread: 3/2 Winter

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    i rocked a 3/2 unsealed seems all winter long it got COLD even with sleaves under it if you must you can but if you have the cash grab something thicker

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    i got one of the newer billabong gold solutions in a 5/4/3 with 5 mill gloves and booties. the newer solution is zipperless with only a velcro entry which is a pain to get out of but you get used to it. other then that i liked it and it got me through the winter. although i got cold on new years day but i was out for 4-5 hours.

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    my rip curl 5/3 is really comfortable and warm. There's a big difference between a 3/2 and a 5/3, I would try to scrape up some money for the 5 mil. wetsuit technology has come a long way.

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    XCEL 4/3 with a hood was the best set up I have ever had. I always wear 7 mil boots though. As long as my feet and hands are warm...i can usually get thru it.