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    ​ FS: Lost Baby Buggy, Lost RNF, Placebo/lost scorcher, Soloshot2, heat vest...etc.

    ​Hey All...

    That time of year for me...just selling a bunch of boards and gear that I don’t regularly use.
    PM if interested...I'm located in south Jersey...thanks!

    5’8”x19 1/4”x2 3/8” Lost Baby Buggy; 27.5 liters; carbon wrap tech; FCS2 Thruster...$450

    5’11”x19”x2.38” Lost/Placebo Scorcher; 28 liters; Placebo F2 tech; FCS thruster...$275

    5'8"x20"x2 1/2" LostxLibtech RNF Redux; 32.10 liters; ridden only 2x...$500

    5'8"x20"x2 1/2" Wynn shortboard; 32 liters; lightly used, FCS2; channels...$350

    Rip Curl H-bomb heat vest; works and will make you cozy in the line-up; but probably could use a new battery...$100

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    dirty jerz
    dang the lib tech is that bad, huh?

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    Nah man...I actually like the tech...I usually go through a regular poly/EPS board in 8-9 months. I'm pretty heavy footed...and pound boards...libs have really held up for me--they're are still pressures but nothing like a regular tech. I don't think they're too stiff and feel more like a poly board then an EPS...

    As for why the sale, I have a 5'6" RNF and this one is a friends 5'8"...


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    Pm’d you for one of those items. Hit me back.

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    Soloshot sold...PM's answered. Bump!!

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    Thumbs up

    Give ya 100 bux cash for the lot. And you're welcome.

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    Thanks but no thanks SS...and bumped to the top.