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    what ever you do DO NOT take a loan. they suck and screw everything up for your future. I can't take a year off because I always have to promtly pay my loans. take a year off before you ever owe/pay the fed anything.
    unfortunately most people can't go to school with out a loan, and these days not getting at least your undergrad is a mistake. Instead of taking a year off and then deciding not to go to school, study abroad for a year some place where there are waves, thats what I did and it was the best year of my life.
    Salisbury was pretty good, I don't think I would have lasted though if I didn't surf, social scene can kind of be a drag. Got in to UNCW but too much $$ being out of state.
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    Couple of more choices

    Brevard CC in Melbourne - nuff said...
    Jacksonville Univ. - expensive but one hell of a school, both academically and ahhh, "enjoyment-wise" within 20 minutes of some very good N FLA breaks, 2 hrs. from Ponce Inlet, 3.5 from Cocoa and Sebies, et al...

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    getting loans isn't bad if you pursue a major that actually allows you to get a decent job. too many people go into 'fluff' majors and finance that with loans. when they get out they can't get a job and have a huge student loan debt.

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    I went to grad school at Florida Institute of Technology for 2 weeks. It is a few miles from Melbourne Beach and 20 minutes from Sebastian Inlet to the south and Cocoa to the North.

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    Grew up in Absecon NJ right by Richard Stockton, Atlantic City fires... graduated from Salisbury U , OC and Assateague can get pretty good, I live in Carolina Beach just south of UNCW now and all i can say is I miss NJ and MD compared to here. Weather here is great, water is warm and poon is plentyful, but we lack the quality waves like the mid-atlantic gets....rarely gets over head high here, gets bigger at spots up north. UNCW does offer lots of snatch!!!

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    I recomend my almui mater - Flagler College in St. Augustine. Great waves, good school. 12 hour drive from Maryland.