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    Oct 20 and the days beyond looking promising?

    Long range always suspect but.... majority of reliable computer models predicting a large storm off the east coast beginning in the bahamas around the 18th, moving through bermuda come the 20th.

    Stay tuned?

    10 day gfs

    EDIT: I meant 13th thru 15th. Got my dates mixed up from doing two things at once.
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    would it be hitting the entire coast?

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    The storm itself, if it does form, will likely head due north parallel to the coastline. We would be unlikely to get actual weather from it but very likely to get surf from it.

    It's getting more interesting as we now have a tropical invest that is expected to become a tropical storm by next monday, tuesday, or wednesday and will interact with this aforementioned system.

    The GFDL, HWRF, and UKMET models develop 97L into a tropical storm by Monday. NHC is giving 97L a medium (20-50% chance) of developing into a tropical depression by Sunday. The storm is expected to track to the northwest over the open Atlantic, and shouldn't affect any land areas. By Wednesday, most of the models are predicting that an extratropical storm will form just north of Puerto Rico, and this storm will probably end up pulling 97L northwards into the Atlantic hurricane graveyard.
    So the Atlantic is about to wake up.

    There's also a hint of a western carribean storm potential next week. This time of year those are more likely to make their way up the Atlantic coast than go into the Gulf coast so it also bears watching.

    Point being, activity is on it's way, and that's a good thing.

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    The 18th to 20th? I wouldnt bet the farm on that - too far out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    The 18th to 20th? I wouldnt bet the farm on that - too far out.
    Not betting any farms. At least I hope I didn't. I screwed up the dates. I meant the 13th to the 15th. Was doing two things at once.

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    Ohhh please be right.....I'm pulling my hair out here.

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    Look what magicseaweeds saying for next saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPR View Post
    Look what magicseaweeds saying for next saturday.

    yeah some other models are also showing a big north swell next weekend.

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    Looks like our hopes for the near future are diminishing.