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    Invest #97L

    is this thing going to giving northern nj any waves or seemed liked years since we have had real waves. i got stoked on that stomach to shoulder green man forecast for thursday but now thats gone too. MSW said 7ft for saturday now its 2ft..i need some waves please!!!!!!!!

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    the swell will come dont worry... do some hiking while your waiting

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    does anyone else thing its weird that "Nana" is sounds close to "Hanna"?....whom we got a nice swell from a while back.
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    are we gonna get any waves from nana? or is going to stay at ankle high?

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    It looks like Nana might be craping out over the next few days
    Just have to keep on wait'n. Come on winter swells!!!

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    Not looking too good here for swell production. Anything this far away, has to be a strong storm to send swell our way. NHC is calling for weakening of the system over the next few days.

    Generally, we dont see Tropical Storm development near the Cape Verdes this time of year, because there is much more sheer in the Tropical Atlantic as the frontal systems that move off the East Coast are stronger and move further to the south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakagrom View Post
    the swell will come dont worry... do some hiking while your waiting
    Hiking ???