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Thread: Fishermen!!!!

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    I'm sick of the seagulls, there always flyin' around my break making noise and ****ti'n everywhere, I wish they would go somewhere else and leave me alone. Same goes for the sandpipers.

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    Now wait a minute. Sandpipers are great! Just way they are crafted. They are so small and compact made for super sonic speed. I love them. There i said it. I'm not afraid. And the handles. I mean they have handles which just push them into another realm.

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    Those surfers are probably just posers (and oblivious) and don't know what they're doing... they'll die off once the water temp. drops. I know what you're saying though. It's not like there's only one peak at a beachbreak. And it's not like that one peak is so amazing (on a mediocre day) that they have to surf there.

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    **** fisherman. the art class scissors are a must. i cant count the amount of times i wished to use them. i got hooked in my foot about 2 years back while i was surfing down on 76th in OC. and 3 fisherman set up on both sides of me and my boy. when he hooked me i just pulled that line and it broke. mannnnn was i pissed.

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    in all my years (many) of driving out on the obx beaches to surf.... these fishermen never catch anything! ive seen osprey pull bigger fish than the fishermen do. im with the previous dude. if you are already casted out, i wont paddle out right there. but when you and 2 buddies are in the water on pea island and suddenly a pickup truck with a redneck couple and 9 fishing poles sets up shop directly in front of you. lame!

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    one of many topics that have come up over the years.

    the only problem I have with these fishing comps if that,....>>on the delmarva at least,...specifically Ocean City Maryland,........everything has been played out for a good 15 to 20 years?

    People should realize that this whole stupid idea of beach replenishment has done so much harm to the natural system that what the surf fishermen are there for, has been gone for decades now.

    Unless you catch the inlet good,(still plenty of fish on the tides)....I really feel as if OC is a waste of time. The real surf fishermen go to the AI anyway....only place I have seen someone take something real and big out of the water in a long time.

    OC is so dead now, really is sad.

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    Some of the Manasquan fishermen can be d!*ks if they feel like it. I had to put neoprene cement on a new suit i had once because i was paddling out and the dude hooked the outside part of the suit. The worst part was that I was the first one out and it wasn't like he couldn't of casted anywhere else.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i hate it when fishermen are fishing right beside you. at leats down here in wb you dont have to worry about it that much but it happens. you just have to watch out for the boats trolling for fish out in the lineup, but thats not that bads. also it sucks when a surf fisher cuts his line and you step on the hook that sucks.

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    Exclamation Fishermen ROCK!

    I have a lot of stories about the surfer/fishermen relationship. The best surfers I know fish. The best fishermen I know also happen to surf. I could name drop all day, but no need to do that. The point is that some people just suck. I was surfing in bethany about 4 years ago, maybee 5 when I almost got attacked by some kook. We were surfing the once exposed jetties. There was a guy fishing the hollywood jetty and a couple of surfers paddled out on him. So he cursed at them and they yelled back and I thought it was over. The next jetty is where I was at with 6 or 7 friends trading off 2-3 foot rights. Not big, but clean summer fun. This angry old jerk walks down and casts just north of us where we were surfing rights into, from the jetty. One of us ran his line over and he went crazy. So he started throwing is junk right at us. I got out and said with a very loud voice, "move up to ashwood, no one surfs up there!," and he replied with "this is my beach, blah blah blah, I live here, blah blah blah?" SO he casted again and just missed my lil bros head, so I bit his 20lb test with my teeth and he lost his rig. WOOO. He went nutts. He was yelling me in so I went in. He tried to attack me. I just ran around in the sand in circles laughing at this old dude trying to catch me. It's funny because he chased/limped after me for about 2 minutes and I couldn't stop laughing. I knew if he caught me I'd accidently hurt him. It was funny with an entire boardwalk of people just screaming at this psycho kook just loosing it. Anyway, he got cuffed up and jammed into the back of the PO-lice car. I still think he is pretty cool because he was trying to hold his ground down...but his liscense plate said maryland and he was claiming he was a local...I don't know? But the point is, we both could have avoided the situation and we didn't. If I was looking at the situation from his point of view, I would say to my self, "Why are these grown up men and teenage kids surfing waves that my 8 year old grandson is boogie boarding?" So from the fishermen point of view, we look like kooks even if we are punting a reverse. They don't have the same passion that we do for the waves. I do have passion for fishing and a whole lot of it. I have never had a problem with a surf fishermen any where else in the world...ever! They have there rights and you have yours.

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    now just wait one minute. you people have left me speechless. everyone is going to surf/sponge/kneeboard/sandpiper skim and fish yearround now that marshalls sells $70 3/2's. seagulls are awesome because they are delicious. i wish there were 20 fisherman this morning out for my session at the mouth of the c&d canal to snag the skin of my hot pink excel 3/2 and help tow me into some of the breakers coming off the hulls of the pennsylvania navy's bayliners as they headed out to tussle for some flounders. "anyone crosses lines with KB4L and he'll cut ya"