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    this looks awesome, remember too that you can control the difficultly level by adjusting how much you inflate the exersize ball.

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    I occassionly mix in an indo board and balance ball with my exercise routine. I think it helps with surfing and the variety always helps to keep the boredom away...since we would all rather be surfing or sitting on rear ends watching tv.

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    Does this actually help your surfing? it seems like a good idea... but i'm not fully convinced.

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    i was just about to ask about the indo board on another threasd but i have one of those balance boards you can get at any sports store and that is good enough for me. It seems like the indo board is just a basketball with plywood on top

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    Looks like a decent way to work on balance, but once you get it dowm, it gets boring reeeaaal fast. Best way to practice.............SURF.