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    I was looking to get a new snowboard and was wondering what are some good brands (alternatives to Burton, too expensive). Also, does anyone know a site for cheap boards? Thanks.

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    rome, stepchild, libtech are all good, lesser known brands that build a real quality product check em

    Be sure to buy a board based on your riding style though.. If you're doing strictly freeriding for ex. dont buy a lib skate banana or something. But if you're a park rat, get a park board.

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    I rock two Salomons, one for freeride and one for park. I really like my freeride one.

    Whiskeymilitia is definately a cool site but you never know what they have up. I've seen some Arbor which is nice too.

    Libtech/GNU are really nice too...magnetraction and bananna...I don't have one but heard great things about it holding in ice, and good edges for park (you can dull it and it still holds on the snow).

    You can always check Transworld magazine's buyers guide. Future snowboarding had a great yearly guide but they are out of business.

    Where do you live? If your in NJ I know some good shops to ask. As for Burton, I don't think they make garbage but it's definately paying for the name, and there is stuff out there just as good or better. I usually will not buy a burton.

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    i'm selling a ride kashmir 154 with ride dva bindings. has chips and stuff on the edges of the top sheet but the base and the edges are all still good so that stuff doesn't really matter. base has been kept waxed and stuff-


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    Ride makes pretty nice boards. Depending on your style.

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    Zumiez may be worth a try or buy used

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    That Ride board seems like a good deal for $150. Good choice not going with Burton, i've had 2 burtons break on me and they are way overpriced. I've worked at whitetail/Liberty/Rountop for 4 winters, and from my own experience and heresay Rome seems to make the best boards especially for park. Also, Whitetail is expanding it's park and improving it's ****ty halfpipe this winter so you guys should come check out the scene up here this year. The pitcrew civil war contest is going to be legit.

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