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    For those really secret spots:
    What will they think of next? I hate to think what the price is, and at any rate it would make far more sense to use that cash on a trip to the tropics. Whadayathink?
    <<H-Bomb heating bill
    Mr Ray said he believed heated wetsuits would eventually become a standard item for surfers. The wetsuits will likely retail at between $1000 and $1200 when they arrive on the market. Not exactly a standard price but H-Bomb is not exactly a standard wetsuit. >>
    Not to mention a 7.2 volt battery replacement with a limited life span. Oh yeah, and the suit comes with a cautionary note to ''be careful'' when pulling the suit on or off so as not to damage the delicate heating element in the back of the suit.
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    yo that's crazy but i bet the price tag is close to a grand if not more, year or so ago a company was making these crazy dry suits that were suppose to change the game i wonder what ever happen to that

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    Screw it, I'm moving to Hawaii..............

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    H-Bomb is no secret it's been in production for a few years. I actually created a post about it awhile back. Last i heard they will start at $800 - $1200.
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    everyone will have one in the next 5 years. quick, xcel and patagonia already started their version over a year ago. what ive heard is that a 3/2 or maybee even 2 mill will be possible down to 40 dergree water. just by looking at the ipod touch and shuffles for market comparison, you know the BULKY battery will get smaller and more flexible very quick...if not already. they will only issue one step at a time so everyone buys everything that comes out. apple finshed the ipod touch 3 years ago, and its just now taking off and they are slowly offering more gigs every 6 months when we know there is already a 120 gig ready. these wetsuit companies use the same marketable consumer targets. id put money on it that ripcurl has the heated gloves and boots already prototyped and the pro riders are testing them out. i cant wait for a heated suit... but we know the first one will become out of date quicker then my computer. id pay a 1000 bucks for a heated 3/2 once some people i know have bought and used them. im not testing it out first.

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    I bet 5 years from now they will only be $400