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    steamboat springs, colorado

    last february it snowed 6ft in 5 days when we were there

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    killington, VT!

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    Big sky an Jackson's hole, both are really laded back. BC backcountry is some of the sickest you will get in north america. For your first time get a guide to show you the in's an outs that you will need.

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    SonofVBeach Guest

    Talking Jackson Hole <----underrated

    Go to Jackson Hole. No crowds, New Tram this season! Good deals at hotels, stay at The Hostel., awesome terrain and lots of hiking.

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    powder is great, very low key, cheap and you can easily ski some off-piste powder by hopping on a cat for a few bucks. It's about an 1:30min from salt lake city though. Snowbird and brighton are pretty sick as well and reasonably priced. If you're looking canada have you looked into banf? Not sure about accessibility but i've heard very good things.

    Sidenote: why the hell are lift tickets in the northeast so god damn expensive? $70+ in VT...I think hunter mtn in ny is around 60...So you get to pay $60 to watch d-bags from Long Island ski in jeans on a beat-up pair of salomons from 1985...faaaantastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post
    BIG SKY!!!!! Montana
    Yeah...Big Sky is sick, but it's not the easiest place to get to. Moonlight Basin recently opened too which is on the other side of the mountain.

    There is another place not too far from Big Sky that is incredible. I feel like I shouldn't name it because it's almost like a secret surf spot to me...awesome backcountry, super low crowds, and CHEAP. is definitely not a resort.

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    going to sunday river maine over new years anyone ever go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jettyhead View Post
    steamboat springs, colorado

    last february it snowed 6ft in 5 days when we were there
    U know it bro. I live in steamboat during the winter, and last season was too good!!! There were days where you needed a snorkel to breath out there cause the snow was above your head. Just too good. Every morning i would wake up, there would be another foot or 2 of snow, lets just say my grades struggled a little. Im looking at the mountain out my window right now, and there is quite a bit of snow at the top, and a few resorts around the area are already open.

    But if you want good resort advice you should take it from me, I lived in VB my whole life and went all over the place to snowboard when i lived there, and now i spend my winters in steamboat. All of the places i saw others mention are not so great. If you looking you accessability, you cant beat Park City, its only like a 30 min drive from the salt lake city airport. And if you bringing your wife she will love main street, and will take great joy in dragging you around the many many shops there. I reccomend just renting a car, that way you can do what you want, and also visit the many other resorts around the area. Or you could stay in Salt Lake City, and just drive to all the resorts around there. There are literally like 10 within 40 min, and the driving is fast and beautiful. If your leaning away from from hard to get to places, i would stay away from anywhere in montana, or even colorado for that matter. Unless you wanna drop big bucks on a plane ticket to fly into the resort, your going be flying into denver, and the closest resort from there is over an hour away. If you do choose to go to Colorado (the drive really isn't bad) I would recommend Breckenridge, seeing as your bringing your bringing your wife, she will the town, cause there is alot to do in Breck when your done riding. I would not come to steamboat (unless you wanna fly into the steamboat/hayden airport which is alot of money) cause it is about 4 1/2 hours away from the airport in ideal driving conditions. And vail is mad expensive, and keystone does not have much to do at night. I dont know why your afraid to go to Tahoe. Its very accessable. Just fly into Reno and its like within 40 min, and when your there you can ride and gamble and party to your hearts desire. And Whistler is expensive, but for sure the ultimate resort.

    So thats my take on where you should go for your vacation, and if you wanna stick to the east coast i reccomend Okemo, or Killington. Hope i helped you out some
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    I've been to park city and canyons and both are sick cant go wrong with utah. Park city had some nice steep back country stuff and a nice park. They also had a cool town with lots of stuff to do while your not riding. Canyons was fun but from what i heard they dont maintain there snow as well as others (avalanches) but it was fine while i was there. I've also heard good things about big sky montana.
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    can't agree with the last guy more... just getting to montana is a huge pain, then you got at least an hour drive (can be quite a bit more depending on road conditions and traffic) to get to Big Sky. Still, I go out to MT a lot cause my sister lives there...