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Thread: friday swell?

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    friday swell?

    admin, how'z it goin man?

    i wuz wunderin' where u're callin' Friday'z 4cast from? waist-chest? i'm not seein' it...can u xplain? i hope you're right! thanx bro!

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    im not seeing it either, all other swell models are showing 2 feet , i hope its better than that

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    you are referring to long island.

    low pressure south of nova scotia... The swell is very east, some of which will bypass long island breaks and some of which will make it to the more exposed areas - especially on the east side LI. Tides are always very influential on these steep swells.

    New Jersey will fare better.

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    damn! swellinfo strikes again! they wur preedicting this 4 dayz, but i still don't c it! thu bouyz sure doo tho!hopefully this trend will continuue thru 2morrow! lite offshorez and a mid tide droppin thru thu mornin=sick session! thanx swellinfo! u du bomb!