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  1. Surfing is like yoga, and Skimming is a streetfight

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    Surfing is like yoga, and Skimming is a streetfight
    being in the ocean and watching a sunrise or sunset with a pod (or many pods) of dolphins is way more gnarly than running after a 3 foot board and cutting your feet on broken shards of seashells and glass that the bennies left behind from the previous season.
    and all you skimmers just remember, every board sport ever invented evolved from the sport of surfing. and let me ask you one question. Can you get barreled in skimboarding? no.... didnt think so.

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    O snap, you bringing out the history books on us poor skimmers? i've been put in my place. While you were painting that fantasticly gay portrait of you and dolphins in the sunset in my mind i got lost on how exactly that is gnarly. No need to explain, ill just leave you and your gnarly dolphins alone with your moments. You most certainly can get barreled on a skim board also. I do it all the time while wearing reef boots on my soft feet. No glass harming these stinky gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak assateague View Post
    Agreed. Sandy Hook is usually a couple of feet smaller than even Monmouth Beach/Long Branch.
    There's a SECRET SPOT in the Hook called The Cove. Check it out. Everyone's REALLY FRIENDLY there. You can have any wave you want. Really. Just DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!! forgot to mention it's the second lot

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    thanks more gay sunsets (and sunrises) for me!! yes! and yea i think it is pretty gnarly dawn patrolling with only one or two of your friends on perfectly clean glass! by the way, dolphins actually protect you from sharks if one were to attack you. so i guess if you call that gay then fine. but does that mean that dying is gnarly?

    but truly, thank you. Ill enjoy my gay sunrises in peace.

  6. Barrel?

    too bad skimmers cant get in barrels...
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