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    today, october 26th ! pictures comments anythingg ??

    deal was amazingggg, please tell me someone got pictures of that wonderful surf !!

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    it was sooo fun and heavy...some were hard to catch thrown a couple of times

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    dude first wave i took i went over the falls on a 2 foot overhead wave and then got hit by the rest of hte oncoming set and washed to shore haha but after that i was flying outa barrels all day

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    ugghhhhhhhh my ballls are soooo wet after todays sess! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures from all over soon, this morning was the shizzznit.

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    If only everyday could of been like today...

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    I moved to Newark, DE last weekend and of course I have missed two good swells. At least when I get settled I won't be missing these weekend swells.

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    today was pretty epic......

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    Barrelfest where i was in Long Branch!! Great day all around..sunny, warmish water sick ass the G-Men need a W and it'll be glorious!!

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    Def fun all over today great waves could have been a lil bigger but i am definitely not complaining about today. There was a couple of guys shooting a couple of friends and i so i will have them up soon