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    No doubt. We were the only guys out fro like 20 blocks in either direction but they felt they need to go out right there. there no telling what goes through the minds of some people.

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    that is one crazy shorebreak dude and nick it isnt bad falling on thick barrels, u go under and then come back up haha i went over the falls on purpose ht day to prove to my friend that it wasnt bad and he shuld paddle out !

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    i know

    yeah i would have gone anyways, but as i said, i was too busy

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    thats pretty brootal dude considering ur kinda small no offense haha i give u mad props for having the balls to paddle out in that, hows the 5'5 board treating u ??

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    got my first barrel sunday on 40th st ocmd.. also had my scariest wipeout getting thrown over a wave and under water for a what seemed like a long time... all in all frikiin awesome!!

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    I couldn't go, so nvm the whole props thing. Yet, i did go in Bertha and HAnnah

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJerseyNick View Post
    I couldn't go, so nvm the whole props thing. Yet, i did go in Bertha and HAnnah
    and i m 5'3"

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    Jersey Looked Gooooood!

    That first barrel sequence is sick!!!

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    hah no nick i mean hows the 5'5 board i sold u ? hows it ride ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by capesurfer View Post
    you have no idea. i was in CHICAGO for the weekend with my dad at a "printing show". all i could do was call heritage and listen on how good the waves were and how my friends said it was best surf since hannah......... here i am looking at one of the great lakes, hoping that a head high wave would start to peel offf the jetty i was looking at never came.
    talk about a bad weekend to be a depressed