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    Quote Originally Posted by squidandthewhale22 View Post
    ive been riding fishs since i started surfing and im actually getting pretty riding a 510 epxy quad perfestion thats supper fast and pretty easy to turn for me, but my friends think its a boat even know i can do fins out on it to prove them that even people on fishes can rip. i was wondering if i should get a short board, or keep fishn my style.
    As everyone else said, don't listen to your friends, ride what you want, they just b*tch because you probably catch twice as many waves. There is probably only a few days a year when you wouldn't be okay on a fish. If you want something slightly more aggresive than a fish but that still retains a lot of foam, I would recomend a superfish. Very versatile.
    (I know popouts are bad and all, but not everyone has cash)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ...LostInFlorida View Post
    i beg to differ... tell that to Aaron Cormicon...
    Yup, those boards are the shizzy, hope they bringem back.

    Go with a PU thruster, you cannot go wrong, why the hell you think everybody on the tour surfs your basic high performance thruster. I know that those are pro's, but the fact remain is you can get your best performance and output on those boards. It all depends on your weight, height, ability and performance and what board and how it is shaped. Certainly have a fish or superfish for mush burger conditions.
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    maybe borrow a thruster from a friend on a fun day and see if you want to get one? ride it a few times. There's nothing wrong with riding a fish- even though yeah it's true that just about everyone has one now. No one pretty much likes anyone else in the water as far as I can tell- like adowcett said it's probably because you are getting more waves on your twinnie than their potato chips! If someone can surf they will get more respect from other in the water regardless of what they're on and if someone is hating on you then f**k them.