For the working adult with a career, this can be quite a task! This is one of the underlying motivations in running my own business [/QUOTE]

It can be quite a task filled with cold early morning winter pre-work sessions... that's why this past year I saved some money and left my job in december to take off work for the winter as many oc locals do. I have to recomend this for anyone in the area, if possible take a few months off in the winter, and you will be awarded the chance to jump on every swell that rolls through. Its great, I was on anything that came. I just started a new job, and plan to do the same thing next winter, and luckily the place closes down from dec. to mid feb. I live a pretty minimal life, with no car and not many expences so it wasn't to hard for me, but it's something you guys should think about. Even though we had a pretty bum winter for waves, there are a few days that were unbelievable and I prob. would have missed them if I had a job to go to. Happy gliding