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    For the working adult with a career, this can be quite a task! This is one of the underlying motivations in running my own business [/QUOTE]

    It can be quite a task filled with cold early morning winter pre-work sessions... that's why this past year I saved some money and left my job in december to take off work for the winter as many oc locals do. I have to recomend this for anyone in the area, if possible take a few months off in the winter, and you will be awarded the chance to jump on every swell that rolls through. Its great, I was on anything that came. I just started a new job, and plan to do the same thing next winter, and luckily the place closes down from dec. to mid feb. I live a pretty minimal life, with no car and not many expences so it wasn't to hard for me, but it's something you guys should think about. Even though we had a pretty bum winter for waves, there are a few days that were unbelievable and I prob. would have missed them if I had a job to go to. Happy gliding

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    when the waves get good in delaware there is nowhere else i would rather surf, however it doesnt get good that often.. but i hope everyone remembers what a fantastic fall we had. so much animosity in these posts. Who cares who isa kook, fact is when you are in the water the kooks will fall to the inside while those who can surf well will catch the waves out the back. Oh and ocmerik.. quit asking everyone where there is goodspots in DE.. go explore and find a spot for yourself, remember we live in a flat beachbreak area, when there is aswell you can find a wave, and asfor the few little spots that crack on a swell when nowhere else is... i know where they are becasue of my father and friends, and there is probably a reason you dont.

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    Live in MD. don't usually go north for waves

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    Depends on how far north you are willing to go. RI has some of the best setups from beach breaks, points, rocks and reefs. It is also such a small state that almost everyone knows each other in the lineup and the minimal number of swells makes everyone that much more stoked when one hits. I was visiting a friend up there when one happened to hit and it was one of the funnest times I've ever had surfing.

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    Talking ECBB for life

    you guys are nuts not to think there is no waves on the east coast. I am originally from NJ but now live at in Oahu and i constantly check this site to see the pictures and what the east coast is getting hit with. When i lived in Jersey the best waves were in the winter, so grow some balls an surf the cold waters yeah we dont get a lot of good waves in the summer, so its not the ideal socal conditions but it goes off from sept-march with amazing conditions. who ever started this thread talking about east coast sucks maybe you are the kook. Enjoy the surf boys, for the people who surf in the winter. I will always love the east coast but i def love the north shore. Peaceeeeeee

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    Quote Originally Posted by goin_retro View Post
    RI has some of the best setups from beach breaks, points, rocks and reefs.
    WHOA!!! REEF??? up in rhode island? you must be smoking some kind of **** dude. water is wayyyy too cold to have reef up there, nice try though try actually going out before stating something.

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    Reef = rock, not coral. Us coldwater folk call rocky structure a reef. Actually a lot of the stuff in RI is cobblestone bottom and points, not reefbreak.

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    Rock And Reef?

    hate to break it to you but reefs do actually grow up there. most of the places with good surf are rock and cobble, but their are live reefs all along some areas. reefs dont always need warm water. there are reefs in ierland, spain, iceland and plenty others.

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    this thread has been going on WAY too long. there is no irony in the fact that oblove and ocmerrick are clearly the most bitter people on this forum. you both try to make some valid points but you are lost in the attempt. ocmerrick just needs to get out there and open his (surfing) mind. there are a lot of closeouts when the surf gets sizeable (tends to be true at most beach breaks... isnt pismo pier near SLO one of the most notorious closeouts on the central coast? and arent some of the best breaks on the central coast best enjoyed after a solid hour long +/- hike down a steep cliff??? a little effort goes a long way). however, there are spots around here that do hold size. go find them (or dont; just more space for someone else)...
    oblove's love affair w/ jersey is also clouding his view of delmarva. we basically recieve swell from the same window, so while there are some better lineups up in NJ (due to better swell refraction, bathymetry.etc.) it aint that dramatically different. as far as the delmarva being the worst place on the east coast for surfing, while i do agree that it is less than epic, i think folks in S.C., GA.,south florida (except about 3 swells/year) would love to recieve some of the surf we do.
    to vjay, no one said anything about "coral" reefs. there are many world class reef breaks that lie in (year-round) cold water. not all reefs are made from tropical and subtropical coral colonies. spend any time in new england (yes, too cold) or even a day in santa cruz, and you will see more reef breaks than you could count... same goes for parts of australia, pacific NW, canadian maritimes, british isles, and on and on. you are in a great place,enjoy your time on the islands...
    most importantly, we've finally had some decent (albeit, cold) surf, so lets share in the stoke of the moment rather than continuing the "negativity fest '07"....

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    Clouding my view?

    Hey chubbs! I am from delmarva and i love del. And I don't love nj, just the surf. And it is a lot different. A whole lot. I surf delaware more then any where on earth. check out the original post from ""me"" which stop complaining because we have it pretty good here! the post went bitter because peeps stoped reading the origanl post. and whats wrong with a little drama. i think its great! my favorite two waves in the world are ss and cambell st jetty. stand 5 sea colony, is my secret spot...not a very good wave though. the point i was trying to make to the young fella is look around. there are so many options to the north and south and I don't mean jersey or hatteras. there are more options just under your nose. so what you thought was bitterness is actually me helping out some young-ins like some of my older surf budds did for me. once you surf a north swell in ac you would undertsand how different nj is. once you surf a south swell in asbury, you would understand how different nj is. and when any one in the world caught dumps good, they would think delaware is rad, but more times then less, its even more RARE! word. that must sound bitter now doesn't it?