Micah can get very scientific on these ideas. He rules and taught me a lot. But you kooks who say the east coast doesn't hold swell are on crack??? Where I was surfing friday/saturday was firing with perfection and many others spots were nitro. You kiddies who live in delmarva, I hate to break it you but this is the worst stretch of coast on the east coast for waves. For the surfers that come from this area that get so good is truley amazing, but the quality of waves can hinder their oppurtunities from ever being a great surfer. So mister ocmerrick, dont say the east coast stinks when its delivering all around you. Once you get old enough, travel a little south and north and you might just see there is a world out there that is closer then you can even imagine. And if you are old enough to travel, and if you are able to complain about your local break...MOVE! Dont cry about it. To tell you the truth, if you utilize your resources correctly, I bet you might just find out where to score some of the bigger swells. They are closer then you think and yes, these spots were firing sick friday and early saturday! Look around, you have it good and don't even realize it!