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    Depends on how far north you are willing to go. RI has some of the best setups from beach breaks, points, rocks and reefs. It is also such a small state that almost everyone knows each other in the lineup and the minimal number of swells makes everyone that much more stoked when one hits. I was visiting a friend up there when one happened to hit and it was one of the funnest times I've ever had surfing.
    same here..last sunday in october...caught a right hand cobbletone point in RI good and wont forget the session for a while. Cool ppl in the lineup too.

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    fair enough... and i did recognize that nj is different and even better than delmarva, i just noted that it is not "dramatically" different. frankly, the waves from (roughly) jupiter inlet to point pleasant/ sandy hook (might as well throw in the west end of long island) arent that "dramatically" different. some different exposures, a different set of groins/jettys, some different water temps, but... i think you get my point (ahhh point? did somebody say point? beachbreaks do have their charm, though...) good times and good waves to all........g.

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    Chubbs is definately right. But instead of going to pismo during the size we could hit up St. Anne's reeef which was sweet