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    2009 Outer Banks Surfing Calendar

    What's up everyone,

    I've put together some of my favorite images from this year and I'm stoked to announce the publication of the first MLP Outer Banks Surfing Calendar for 2009. This high quality print calendar features photos of some of the regions most talented surfers along with plenty of empty wave photos and lineups for your mind surfing pleasure. The calendar design and artwork were professionally done by Brent Nultemeier of BNDesign. The calendars will also include an additional 11x17 poster.

    I've attached a small jpeg which includes the cover shot along with a glimpse of a few of the calendar month spreads. Check it out!

    We are selling them individually as well as distributing them to shops and restaurants in the region. Individual prices are $20 and they are worth every penny! Get your hands on one and see for yourself..

    Purchase them here!

    Thanks everyone!
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    Kudos Matt

    I especially like the format you've selected with the row of thumbnails immediately below the main image on each month. Calendars typically restrict you to just 12 images, but this approach makes it a much better deal. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with the project because now is the time to be selling 2009 calendars, by December most people have already bought theirs for the upcoming year.

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    Thanks MD! We'll see how she goes. First time around is always quite a learning experience

    Next year I'll be using photos from swell events during that month of the previous year. Got some other ideas as well. Looking forward to it. I think this one is a good start though

    More waves tomorrow/Monday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlp View Post
    Next year I'll be using photos from swell events during that month of the previous year.!
    I was going to mention that.
    Plus, have you thought of a desktop calendar? The kind that show one week at a time on the left or right page and a picture on the other page.

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    Good News!

    We've been able to find a cheaper printer and therefore we've dropped the price from $20 to $15 per calendar!! I have to compete with Surfer, Surfing Mag calendars who print 20,000,000,000,000 copies at 20 cents each. I'm paying for mine out of pocket, free of advertising, and much smaller print order..

    Thanks to everyone that purchases a calendar!