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    buoy forecast question

    ok i got another question micah,

    i check this site sometimes but it seems as though the direction they are forecasting is 180 degrees backwards according to other spectral forecast data else where. can you help me decipher this some more? i know it is setup as column referring to different swell events and hs is size and tp is period and dir is obviously direction but is it the direction the swell is moving towards or coming from? thanks

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    you are correct. The wavewatch bulletin files, show the directions the waves are heading towards, rather than the meteoroogical standard from where the swell is coming from (which is what swellinfo uses and all other weather/forecasting agencies.

    The only reason you should check those bulletin files is to get a longer range forecast than Swellinfo currently offers. For your 5 day forecast needs, you should use the Swellinfo swell data. The data will be more appropriate, because it is for points just offshore the forecast locations (whereas the NOAA data is sometimes much further offshore).

    Just in case you are unaware, the swellinfo swell data can be seen on the surfplots by clicking on "view details", or by viewing the "swell plots".

    In the future when more computing resources are available, I plan to have the full 180 hour swell data available on swellinfo.

    ps. the reason why your message didn't show up immediately, is because there is a filter that puts threads in a temp folder for moderation that have links (this is to cut down on the spam). I dont really like this tho, so I'm going to look for a better way to get rid of spam.

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    cool deal, i always use your site for the 5 day forecast i love the setup and the way all the different types of data are presented! thanks for the info too!