WERE, in the context of past tense, is spelled W-E-R-E, not W-H-E-R-E (as in "Where is your head?")........wow. You might consider proof reading your posts before you start playing grammar nazi and calling other people fools.

And Obama isn't a muslim. If you want to argue the issues, great!!! But when you start making baseless assertions about Obama being a Muslim, the Antichrist, or any of that other bull****, you really limit the effectiveness of your argument.[/QUOTE]

Baseless? Obama's father was/is 100% Muslim! So how is claiming President Obama to be Muslim, whether he's half or not, in any way baseless? Its clearly a reasonable "base" to make the claim.
Furthermore, that "where" shi*t was an obvious typo, the correction I made earlier had to do with weak being spelled "week". I'd argue those are quite different.

You wrote that I was making "baseless assertions"? The definition of assertion is something positively stated, which my statement obviously wasn't. Poor word choice, you should be my College English Comp 2 professor.