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    Oneill Psycho II XXL price reduced!!!

    This suit is a 6/4 and it's WARM...I mean TOASTY WARM! I bought this last winter and only wore it 4 times. The only reason I'm selling it is because I lost too much weight over the summer and it's way too big....however I will be purchasing the same suit, as it's the warmest one I've ever owned. This suit retails for $439.00...I will let it go for $150!!!!! The color is mostly black with some greyish outlines....simple and clean looking. I am always in the Belmar area so free delivery is an option. If you want pics let me know.

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    interseted in suit

    How tall are you and how much did you weigh when you used the suit. I'm looking for a new winter suit but have never had an Oneil, so I'm not sure how they size up to me. I have a xcell xxl and it fits alright. I also live in MD, would you be willing to ship it? Thanks.

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    I'm 5'10" and weighed 230lbs. The suit was a little long, but not too long. If you go to Oneill's site they have a size chart, or you could go to your local shop and try any Oneill suit on just to be safe. I will gladly ship it too! If you want pics let me know.

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    Sounds like it should be a good fit. I'd love to buy it. How would you like to work this out? Also, could you send me a couple pics? Thanks

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    I have the same suit and I can only wear it on the coldest of cold winter days because it's so warm. I can't put the suit on in-doors because I'm dying of heat stroke before I even zip it up. Seriously, this suit allows you to surf when most people don't even want to go outdoors. The down side is that you will feel like the little brother in Christmas Story after his mother is done bundling him up in his snow suit. Paddling is twice as hard and your wave count will significantly drop. This is not because the suit isn't made from good material. It's probably as stretchy and flexible as 6 mil can get. But it's just that 6 mil is a ridiculous amount of rubber. However, it's definitely a suit worth owning if you want to surf in the coldest conditions. 28 degree air with a wind chill of 17 and 38 degree water and I was still warm.

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    Hey Wavetucker I'm kinda interested and that seems like it'll fit me (6'1" 195lbs)

    But I have no money for it right now sorry dude but if you still got it in a few weeks lemme know.

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    Thanks for all your interest....but it sold today! Thanks James!!