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    noreaster on du way!

    mid-l8 week noreaster 4casted! swellinfo'z all over it...

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    Low developing off the Southeast with high pressure to the north is a winning combination. Keep in mind, the low hasn't developed yet...

    Kman, I think those ocean prediction maps are ugly!! I guess they are good for a summary and for copy and paste jobs.

    Just FYI - Swellinfo creates pressure maps from the GFS ensemble run, but I used to like looking at the Unisys weather maps:

    Or of course there is the model graphics from NCEP:

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    The forecast looks marvelous for Wednesday! I hope the predictions holds true. Thanks God it's for Wednesday and not Tuesday!

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    swellinfo, thanx 4 thu linx...i like thu 2nd link, thu 1st one cunfuzzez mee a lill...i'll def. uze thu later tho in my 4cast toolz.

    yea, i like thu radiofax modelz cuz they're ez 2 reed and they give thee overall synapsis uv wut's goin' on in thu next 3 dayz...and that's all i really need, i'm no surf guru or nuthin'...wee all leeve thu trickeey stuff upta u!

    thanx again tho. peace.

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    i hope it stays the same and doesnt change, and i hope my new board comes before the swell does

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    4cast looks SICK!