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Thread: Why so choppy?

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    Why so choppy?

    Good sized waves in OC today, but completely unrideable. I was catching some pretty big ones and they wouldn't ride me anywhere The wind, on the other hand, carried me from 45th street to 40th street in about 5 minutes. Whens the wind going to die down?

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    Fortunately, there is a surf forecasting web site to answer that very question!
    Ocean City, MD Surf Forecast

    As you an see, we are looking at choppy surf for the next few days, and hopefully we'll see a clean up by the end of the work week.

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    It's not just the wind speed, it's the direction. If these winds were offshore the whole week would be good.

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    Hey does anybody know anything about skim forcasting. It really is hard to predict. Being such an untapped market i think somebody should jump on it.

  5. yea i agree, a skim forecast would be great, how could you predict shore break?