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    heyo san francisco,
    moving out to the area tomorrow, been starved for waves on the east coast since early summer and I'm looking forward to some obeach surf. Never surfed their before, I'm wondering if there are any spots/bars that are deec this year, surf shops I could get a quality deal on a used board, and what kinda wetsuit I'm gonna need. And how do I take public transport down to a good surf spot. I have a 4/3, do I need to buy booties, a thicker suit?. . .c ya in the water

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    the wave rarely breaks but is great for little kids. A typhoon swell can happen and then a legendary due to it's extreme rarity right hand point break starts up at the western end of the bay.This is funny that I found at least one thing other bus line most likely havenít but the bus No.

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    OB will never steer you wrong. You can take bus no.'s 38, 31, 5, and 23 there. A lot of people go to Wise surf shop (the 38 drops you off right nearby) but I like Mollusk surf shop on Irving st. I'm pretty sure both sell used boards, Wise def. does. A 4/3 will treat you nicely, but paddle hard to keep warm anyway! Remember to explore! As always, give respect to get respect and you'll find a place in the lineup.

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    good call...

    Hey man, i just got out to the area in september and i'm now going to school at Santa Clara University (it was the closest i could get to the pacific in terms of schools being from southern delaware). I am 40 min. south of San Francisco and about 45 min. north of Santa Cruz. I've had a chance to surf both areas a number of times since i've been here and trust me, being from the east coast, you have a lot to look forward to. Im not as familiar with San Francisco, but I recommend taking the CalTrain down to Diridon Station in San Jose, then hopping on the Highway17 Bus right to Santa Cruz. The train is about $5 and the bus is $4 and you will be put right in Santa Cruz with several spots at your disposal (steamer lane, pleasure point, and many of the state beaches to the north like davenport, 3 and 4 mile, waddell creek, etc.) Basically, when you get out here, explore. You can find plenty of breaks all over if your willing to check out a map and hop on a bus. The trip to Santa Cruz is worth it. Also, i've been wearing a 4/3 with 3mm boots and i've been fine. However, i do have 5mm boots,gloves, and hood for the winter. I trust the 4/3 will get you all the way through. Good Luck and Enjoy, it's the fu--cking west coast!