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    Today, OCMD wind switch

    As I was leaving from Salisbury for the beach, trying to catch mid-tide in OC, the wind switched SSW and crapped it up...luckily a buddy called me as I was packing up my gear so I didn't waste the drive. What's the deal? Sea breeze from land being warmer than ocean? Think it will switch back to mostly W at some point today or not til the land cools, meaning like 4 o'clock? Any ideas?

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    looks like a little sea-breeze action. It might glass off in the late afternoon. You can keep an eye on the ocean city surf cam

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    right on, thanks for the confirmation --- hopefully be something left later if it glasses off :-|

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    707 was glassy from 7-10 a.m. no size but clean.

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    ya, got up at 7, checked it, thought it would be better at midtide...snooze ya lose. oh well.