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Thread: pr safety

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    pr safety

    i've never been to puerto rico before, and im thinking of heading down this winter for a few weeks but i dont feel like paying for a hotel. i was thinking of just finding a nice stretch of beach or something and camping out while im there. does anyone have experience or input on whether or not i would get all my **** stolen or killed while doing this in the rincon or aguadilla area?

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    Technically camping on the beach is not allowed in Rincon although I have seen it done. PR is very safe especially in the Rincon area, but that said I would not leave my stuff on the beach and expect it to be there when I get back. Aguadilla is also safe, but there is probably even more petty theft there. I would look around and find a cheap place to stay. There are plenty if you don't need to be on the beach.

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    you are out of your mind if you try living on the beach in pr. its not as safe for a gringo as you would think. if you do good luck.


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    dont do it!!!

    not a good idea unless you have your ticket. do you have a ticket?

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    house is outside rehoboth, DE (millsboro). unfortunately i can only make it there in august
    whats your stature?...would you be able to beat ass if someone was perpetratin?

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    KB4L loves sleeping on the ground in PR too! Just remember that in addition to a potential @ss-whoopin', you are going to be sharing that ground with everything else that occupies it. IE rats, cockroaches, satos, centipedes, broken glass, hypodermic needles, etc. Sounds about as safe as volcano luging.

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    do it!!! take pics

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    There are some pretty cheap places to stay down there, Rincon Inn = 25 bucks a night, or cheaper depending when you go. They have A/C, running water, and clean beds... There are probably many other cheap alternatives as well. Sleeping on the beach will probably end badly.
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    you dont want to camp on the beach. Its cheap enough to pay for a hotel or whatever there.

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    Sleeping on the beach=bad idea. Try sleeping on an inflatable raft.