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Thread: pr safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidOlya View Post
    Sleeping on the beach=bad idea. Try sleeping on an inflatable raft.
    while chumming, i mean if you're not chicken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisd468 View Post
    i've never been to puerto rico before, and im thinking of heading down this winter for a few weeks but i dont feel like paying for a hotel. i was thinking of just finding a nice stretch of beach or something and camping out while im there. does anyone have experience or input on whether or not i would get all my **** stolen or killed while doing this in the rincon or aguadilla area?
    Those days of camping on the beach are long gone. It's kinda like hitch hiking in the USA - used to be easy, fun, safe and quick. No more. Central FL has some campgrounds as does Calif and Oregon.

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    I have been to PR, I usually went to Jobos Beach. From my thoughts.. It isn't good idea to set a camp and sleep on the beach... But I do know one spot you could do that. Keep on road heading east from Jobos Beach, til you will see small spot with rock surrounds and there is ocean, always have good waves on big days. It called Secret's Spot. Often campers slept there since it is in nowhere off middle of the road. You know that hotels are that cheap in Isabella, a big town up the mountain from Jobos beach.
    If you want to go other beach than Jobos Beach then I got no idea. You could try Surfer's Beach near Aguadilla airport. You know hotels aren't that expensive in PR during winter.