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    yeah it sucks, my friend got in with a 3.0 3 years ago and all of a sudden very college is impossible to get into, cuz this year there's the most seniors in high school then ever. but next year it might get easier to get into. hows eastern Carolina and Salisbury academically?

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    you want to surf now and for the rest of your life?? Screw college and train to be an electrician or a plumber. Most of the time real jobs take you away from the coast!!!

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    i went to stockton. couldn't ask for a better school for surfing. lbi, ac and the occasional ocean city. gave you a very nice choice depending on the swell/wind. go there. easy as hell too

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    Colleges for Surfing

    Don't **** around! If you're going to do it, do it right! Chaminade University, Honolulu. Check it out!

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    East coast, best surfing? find a school close to the outer banks, NC. If you have a little freedom, some extra money, and love surfing, do yourself a huge favor you will thank yourself for, for the rest of your life. University of Hawaii.

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    if you can go somewhere and get your grades up you should look at pepperdine.. my boy goes there its unreal. hot girls everywhere and you can check malibu from campus proper. one day last spring when i was out there we were hanging out in his dorm and just walked outside to see long shoulder high lines peeling right out front at malibu. its the real deal out there

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    Just recently graduated from the College of Charleston in SC. 12 miles from Folly Beach and the Washout. The college itself has 2 girls to every guy. Check it out!

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    umm im saying stockton U and Monmouth U..

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    Surfing colleges

    You may want to consider PBA (Palm Beach Atlantic) in Palm Beach Fla. It is a Christian school with a few breaks nearby only a few blocks from the beach and many other good breaks a short car ride away. Two of my sons go to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. The surf there is as good as it gets. The freshman dorm (Young Hall) was voted by Surfer Mag as the #1 dorm for freshman in the country.Young Hall sits on Sunset Cliffs and you look out over the Pacific each morning as you arise, hopefully to go to classes and then to surf. Point Loma has a 90 acre campus that sits directly on the Pacific and it is beautiful with 5 of the best breaks in So Cali right in front of your dorm a few steps away down the cliffs. Again, it is a Christian school with very good academics which is a plus for your future, but the short term benefit of having waves all year long is worth the plane ride. If you have to get on a plane to go to college then why not go to a consistent break with some much variety like Southern Cali. You can log or short board and get a great education and foundation for the rest of your life. The girls outnumber guys about 3:2 and many are very attractive and well grounded in their faith which your parents will appreciate.Sounds so good I think I will go back to college myself!

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    Salisbury University GPA and SAT

    SU has gotten pretty tough to get into. Atleast a 3.0 gpa and 1700 on the new scale i think thats about right. I got in four years ago with a 3.3 and 1190 on sats. Also if you have over a 3.5 they wave the need for sats.