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    i have a M xcel 5/4/3 and im 5 11 170 lbs and its to small for me ...i know you can special order one by emailing xcel ur measurements .. thats wat my friend did and it fits him perfect.. might be a lil more money but its def worth it..

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    I am about 6 foot 188 pounds, and I wear an XL 6/5/4 infinity suit. Fits a tad bit big in certain spots, but super comfy and warm during the winter. Definitely does get a little heavy. Check out the new hyperflex suits coming in at $279.99 for a 6/5/4, can't beat that!

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    I have a 3/2 xcell full suit, has lasted quite a while. but for thicker suits I always look at Hotline. small company in santa cruz and they make all there suits there. You cant try one on in northern va but thier size chart is pretty acurate and they are great about returns.

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    i would never buy a suit with out wearing it first, its the most important thing, secondly check all the seams in the suit before buying it! i just bought a new suit and jumped right into it and wore it right after i bought it, after i got out of the water, i realized there was a seam that wasn't finished on the leg, and the shop wouldn't take it back and they wouldn't exchange for another one, and left it for repair for a month and it was never repaired, ended up fixing it myself