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Thread: making boards

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    i get my blanks from great shipping prices

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    153 misspelled it

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    just tried out this board this morning, first board that i've made. its not 100% percent done but its the last day of waves for awhile. used home depot insulation foam. made a ton of mistakes along the way, but it was fun. rides a heck of a lot better than i anticipated as well.
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    Nice job on your first board. Did you make the fins as well? Pretty good foil man!

    Here's a step by step tutorial on how to shape surfboards in this month's Issue of MAKE Magazine

    Email for full step-by-step PDF article. (too big to attach here)

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    thanks, yeah i made the fins out of oak. woodworking is one thing that i do know how to do, unlike the rest of surfboard construction.

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    Why is it when I glass a board ,steps. Form in the resin. I've tried different measures of catalyst in differnt temps but can't figure it out.

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    no offense to greenlight you guys seem cool but pauhana ships for twenty bucks all you gotta do is pick it up at a fastenal co store and you can find the locations online. for ocean city md guys, selbyville is close theres also a pick up center in salisbury 20 per blank is about as low shipping as you can get
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