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Thread: nectar boards ?

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    nectar boards ?

    how good are they and wat kind shuld i get ? im 5'6 and 125 pounds but i plan on using it with my wetsuit for winter surfing so with the suit on i probably weigh about 140 bc of all the added water weghit of the suit so if i were to buy a quad fin shortboard how big and how thick shuld i get it ?? im an experienced surfer but never ridden a quad before so im just wondering

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    nectar boards

    I dont know what size you should ride. But i own two nectar boards.7'2 single bump swallow tail. And 6'6 fish with quad fins .both are great boards. If you buy one. you will not be disappointed.
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    Founder Gary McNabb (and Simon Anderson)

    They introduced the Thruster boards in the early seventies. Gary is now shaping for Rainbow Surfboards.
    In the mid-seventies he made one of my all time favorite boards.
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