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    Not sure what type of epoxy you guys are riding but my boards have just as much flex as my normal pu boards...

    Surftec/overseas epoxy boards are crap. I am talking about made in the USA epoxy boards. I have 2 Cole epoxy boards. One is my everyday shorty and the other is a HP Quad. Had them well over 2 years now and neither one has a single ding or foot dent. Every time I ride one of those two boards it feels like they are brand new. Same flex as the first day I bought them. I can compare this to one of my newest boards which is a (unnamed shaper) HP fish none epoxy.

    I custom ordered the fish during spring so I could have a mush buster for summer. The board has only been through one summer so far and is beat to hell already. The thing I noticed most was that, the flex was nearly gone and the board already has that stale feeling. I am not trying to be one sided but that is what I have noticed. My conclusion was helped along because I was able to switch back and forth from my normal boards to my epoxy boards over an extended period of time.

    I still love the HP fish and is probably one of the better quad fish I have ever surfed. I will be ordering another one, from the same shaper once this one bites the dust.

    Non epoxy boards are still better for guns and mini guns in my opinion. Epoxy boards can sometimes get cough up in the lip and blown around to hell on the face when you get some stiff offshore winds. They are just so damn light and you can go much thinner/narrower/shorter on the length of epoxy boards and get the same feeling as a normal board.

    My next custom I am ordering very, very soon will be a coil. Check em out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ...LostInFlorida View Post
    i just traded in my Aviso mayhem shape and ordered a Lost XTR whiplash, 5'11" x 18 1/8th x 2 1/16th... pretty excited.
    Has anyone ridden these XTR boards? You can get a custom board shipped for under $600 depending on the sharper you order. How do they ride, what kind of durability do they have?

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    More flex then normal board, a little stronger, lighter. They are better for everyday surf not recommended for guns or big waves. I hear they brake just as easy as normal boards but now apparently XTR offeres a few different glassing schedules so that problem might be fixed. I know most people like them because of the flex. They feel alive.

    Again, if you took the time to read my rambling above, the same principle applies for xtr.

    I never ridden one but I came close a few times on pulling the trigger.

    I had a few e-mails back and forth with Javier a while back...good guy and you normally order directly through him. You can go through your shaper also but the order will just go right to Javier anyway...

    EDIT: Also, when XTR is dinged they do not hold water so you don't even have to worry about fixing them right away or jumping out of the water to fix it.
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