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    You have to take route 1 all the way north. San Simeon, before the Hurst castle, I found some nice breaks and you'll see seals popping their heads up right next too you. I figured it was cool and the sharks would go after them first or I would spot the blood. Silver dollar beach before big Sur is a nice long break, hell of a paddle out and walk down the from the bluff but it's a spot. It's the ride of a lifetime though, have fun and remember that water gets a lot colder North of Santa Cruz and a 3/2 won't cut it in SF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak assateague View Post
    And they'll know he's a LIAR in the first two minutes... Steamer's is a VERY LOCALIZED, CROWDED SPOT, so don't expect to just climb down the cliff annd catch any wave you want...
    While in the Santa Cruz area, try Capitola, Manresa, maybe Pleasure Point (although it gets very crowded as well). Heck, look at Cowell's Beach as well...
    Steamers is crowded but not localized in the least. I surfed it this summer at shoulder high and got some quality waves and zero vibes... the localized waves are out of town in both directions.

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    hey everyone, just got back from my trip and had a ridiculously awesome time. The swell and wind and tide didn't exactly line up while I was driving up the coast but I did get some surfing in at Morro Bay and Steamers. Awesome experiences and really cool views from the big sur coastline as well as half moon bay and mavs. I wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks for all the help!! can't wait to get back in the chilly nj waters!