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  1. Slater!

    anybody else go to the Kelly Slater book signing in New York today?

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    Yea, went right after work and hopped on subway to quicksilver store. The book looks awesome and can't wait to read it. Hopefully it will be as good as Pipe Dreams.

    He was a chill, didn't really get to talk to him much. I congratulated him on his 9th title while he signed my book and asked if he was surfing the Pipe Masters--which he got suddenly amped for and responded with "Yea, I'm actually getting ready for it" and I guess his quicksilver sales rep or whatever said to make sure to add him in fantasy..ha.

    I was stoked and just wished him good luck next year and that hopefully he'll be back. Got bunch of stickers and couple posters of the freak doing a sick air,

    Anyway, it was a cool experience to meet Kelly who is an icon/legend in our sport and continues to push the limits in competitive surfing. One day he will retire but it will be a long time before we have to question who is the best surfer of all time.

  3. yeah he was really chill; almost mysterious. I was such a dope, when I got up to him I was like, "So why aren't you doing the Triple Crown right now?" (forgetting that he hasn't done it in a few yrs..) and he was like "Eh... you get kinda burnt out competing, I'm just waiting for Pipeline..."
    Where you there when he walked in? He strolled right past me and only me and a few others recognized him. (I thought he was taller, tho!)

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    Nah, I got there around 6:25p or so, the line was at the back of the door already. So he probably came in earlier from the front or back entrance.

    He definitely had this mysterious vibe going, but I kinda expected that since he seems so focused all the time and knows so many people around the world. But when he did speak, he was cool and chill.

    I'm not sure why people wanted to bring boards though, the guy was there promoting his new book, have the world champ sign his book not your surfboard.

    That's just my opinion, I know someday the board will have value and it's cool to have, but thought it was weird.

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    ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i knew, i would've been there!

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    Hell NO......Not me.....even though he might have been cool at this signing...He is a jerk in real life.....Me as well as several friends all feel the same way. He's a great surfer with a bad attitude he thinks his ish doesn't stink. If you never have met him or only once then you may not understand.....believe me he's a d1ck.

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    I hear you about how Slater coming off like being a *ick. But hes wasnt one to me during my short time in meeting him. So I guess it depends how the situation presented itself when someone meets him.

    What happened that you and your friends feel that way?

    I wouldnt expect Slater to be all conversational with me, because I dont know the dude and he dont know me, simple as that. That's where people go wrong and think these professionals have to be all buddy-buddy with everyone.

    The guy has tight circle of friends who he trusts, if your not within that group, then why would he care who you are or if you think he's rude or whatever?

    Has anyone met AI?

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    Plus, if you win 9 world surfing titles, I think you might have a free pass to walk around like you're the *hit.