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    "You funny guy Dr. Jones!"

    track lighting was installed when I built that room.. board ended up there to get it out of hte shed. The "Degrees" are awards I earned while serving in the Marine Corps... kinda vain, but it's " I love me wall"

    Anyone want this board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty J View Post
    By the way nice track lighting and wall mount for an old piece of crap you don't even use anymore. Next to the degrees too, sweet. Has that helped with the ladies?
    i think it would you salty j you. IT shows tem your smart and you know how to have fun.

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    Truth be told

    Not to rain on your parade Rye, but $500 for a used board, which happens to trade on it's connection to his uncle by name, is a tad steep. On Delmarva some shops are unloading brand new boards for that price. Want to talk turkey?

    Guy is just a Nephew of Donald's <<My name is Guy Takayama, the designer, shaper and owner of GT Surf Designs Incorporated, where design, performance, aesthetics and formal schooling come together to create a unique line of surfing products.

    I have been surfing for over 30+ years and at a competitive level for the last 25.
    My father Raymond and my uncle Donald were both excellent surfers and shapers and their love of the sport was contagious. Growing up with such amazing mentors, I knew surfing would be a large part of my life forever.>>

    Now if it was the Mint Condition 10' Harold Iggy Model Weber that the Dough Roller has hanging in his garage, now that's a different story.
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    As with anything you get what you pay for.... Takayama's aren't entry level or bottom end boards...Check out the link... not uncommon for his boards to run over a grand each. So, 500 for the board, bag, and a set of racks I would consider a helluva deal.. So, no I don't think is too much...


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    Cool Nice board wrong Takayama

    Donald is located in OCEANSIDE CA.
    Alive and shaping.
    He is one of the best shapers in the world.
    If you would like to know more about him
    The new SURFERS JOURNAL has a great story about
    His life.


  6. Buy my board, Dammit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    Not to rain on your parade Rye, but $500 for a used board is a tad steep. On Delmarva some shops are unloading brand new boards for that price. Want to talk turkey?

    I'd rather spend $500 on a used longboard in good shape from a top shaper like Takayama than some crappy popout longboard that will ride like a tanker and lose $200 in value the minute you wax it.

    That said, I love my ashton longboard so i'm not in the market.

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    most new takayamas are prices under $1000. certain models are more expensive, but most are priced under $1000. $500 may or may not be reasonable depending on what model and how old it is...

    take some better pictures if your serious about selling. and maybe a few descriptions of the board would help. thickness, width, model, how old, any dings, issues, etc...

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    Want a Takayama?

    five hundred bones seems a little steep, even if it is a takayama! (a buddy of mine went surfing at huntington beach about 2 years ago, and d.t. was in the water - everybody gave him respect and the set waves - with each wave, he still had the biggest sh*t-eating grin on his face - still stoked)!