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    b more

    solid surf week!

    wow what a week compared to previous weeks. nice temps and nice waves....all for the IRISH week. A nice change may need to make a trip south?

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    yeah... its lookin good and i'm ready, hopefully it comes through. bmore - in my opinion a different wave or spot is always a nice change from yr normal spot, and i'm assuming thats oc, so i say go for it, but if not we'll kick ya some waves in oc, so head down. hope we get some good ones.

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    Does Tom's Cove require a pasS?

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    I don't think so but I haven't been there in a looooooooong time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OcMerrik View Post
    Does Tom's Cove require a pasS?
    It has whenever I've gone there...Fee booth to get in the park (might be empty booth/honor system in the winter) By the way, its the most fickle spot imaginable. I've hiked down there and been pretty disappointed. 4 wd is quicker and I'm not sure you can drive on the beach without a surf tag.

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    You need a 4WD permit, about $75-100 bucks for the year. Access time is limited due to plover nesting.

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    Tom's Cove?

    T-Cove, south winds...not good. Remember, swells go north, you go north. Swells go south you go south. It's not always the game, but 9 out of 10 times quality surf raps better then it hits. Wrong spot, but good try! Keep looking. You'll find a wave!