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    v shape butterfly fin

    I was riding Ike and my butterfly fin "flew " off my board. Does anyone have one or have a friend who wants to sell or trade ? my board just is not the same. please help,

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    try and get a hold of One World up in sarasota, juan specializes in fins and is also a dealer he could probably help you out

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    I have a butterfly fin that I'm interested in selling. (At least, I think it's called a butterfly fin.) Anyway, let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

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    add a photo, it will be easier to sell that way. You can attach a pic, by clicking on the thumbnail icon (on the top row of the icon tools).

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    butterfly fin

    OK, here is a pic of the butterfly fin. I also have a star fin by Cheyne Horan that I'm interested in selling.
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    Smile v shape/and Cheyne Horan fins

    I got your message and interested in both fins. how to getyour phone number? Mine is 850 449 5811 Pensacola fla.

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    adamweinstein23 Guest


    Are the fins still available? I would be interested as well. Send me a message. Thanks

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    Smile butterfly fin cheyne horan fin

    i met and purchased a pair of finsin question. the buttrfly is on my 8 waldon and in the thruster set up it goes reeel good. if you can get get one or try one do yourself a favor and do it

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    if anybody has a butterfly fin i will for sure buy it!!! i looked for one every where and havent found one.... email me if you got one or know someone