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    3 boardz 4 sale!

    i've got 3 boards i'm trying 2 sell.
    1)Aloha- 5'10"X19.5"X2 3/8"
    yellow. high performance shortboard. floats real well. 2 minor dings on bottom i reworked. besides that, this board is in really good shape and a gem. I'm willing to come down to $150 (with fins, leash, AND deckpad).

    2)Al Merrick Sashimi 5'11"
    Not sure on specs, but it's pretty wide. did major repair job on nose myself, it's very crude but did the job. not in perfect condition by no means, but for $90 with deckpad and fins, it's yours.

    3)surftech 5'11" flyer
    blue. good condition, it's epoxy, so no dings. a couple indents from a longboard gone astray last year and the tip of the nose has a few chips, but nothing major. K-fins setup, deckpad, and leash, $200!

    i've got sum pix posted on myspace:

    and so far i've got pix of the aloha up on

    if u're interested, u can email me at
    i live in central long island, south shore. will meet up around the area if interested.


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    $150 for the flyer?
    i live in brooklyn but go up to montauk every once in a while
    where r u in longisland?

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    yea, i think $150 is a fair asking price, considering it's only a few years old, epoxy, has leash, deckpad and most importantly, the K-finz.

    i'm in the Sayville area. i'll meet up as far as Longbeach if you're interested or like you said, if you're in my neck of the woods, we could arrange somethin'...

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    Hey interested in the aloha, live in queens, but i could hop on the lirr to pick it up if u'd like to meet me at a station, long beach lirr station would be good?

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    thanx 4 all your inquiries, but this sale iz now clozed...peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kman View Post
    thanx 4 all your inquiries, but this sale iz now clozed...peace.
    really? that sux... i was hopin to pick up one of these boards to snap and send u the pix...

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    il trade my 7'6" al merrick for all three of those boards. kelly slater touched my board so its worth like so much money. I can probally sell it and be so if you get my board you will be making out better in the end, so if you wanna trade call me at ###-###-###.
    thanks bra
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