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Thread: spring break.

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    spring break.

    well i have break from march 7 till the 14th so i am looking to go to either florida or california. with my intentions of surfing all day every day.

    my friends who are not surfing are also going along hopefully. now why i posted is because i dont know which is going to be better to go to, which can end up cheaper, and where good surf is. also they place has to have a night life for 18 and older crowd.

    throw up some suggestions. love to hear where you guys have gone for breaks.

    ohh and also cheapest is best.

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    you want the spring break night life - then go to daytona beach... I've never surfed daytona, but new smyrna is one of the most consistent waves around and is close by. daytona blows up for spring break.

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    I went to Daytona last year for spring break. A real fun night life and beach scene. We were lucky and scored a pretty decent swell. Right near the pier in Daytona you can decent waves on either side of the pier. New Symrna is considered a lot more consistent but it takes around 1/2 hour to get to because you have to drive around the inlet. Sebastian is around an hour south so that's always an option too if you want to spend a day. What's nice too is even in March you can bare back it or wear a top or shortie at worst.

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    went to daytona a couple years ago, not the coolest place for u since you really gotta be 21 for the bars if u wanna drink and it wasnt that crazy, waves did look good though, id hit up san diego if i were u