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    What should I ride?

    Im 6'0", 150lb with a wide stance and I am a front foot surfer. Most people you ask say that your short board should be a couple of inches taller than you. I recently started riding a 6'4" x 18.75 arakawa and its the best board I've ever had. Ive been surfing for 8 years and i feel like i wasted my time riding 6'0" and 5'11" and even 6'2"'s. The arakawa is also the widest board ive used. So what do you guys ride. It would help if everyone used this format to post their response.

    Skill Level:
    Where you surf:
    Board Length Width and Thickness


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    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 175 lb
    Regular footed
    I live and surf in Fl.

    As far as when the waves get big enough, I usually ride my XTR T-patterson 6'0 x 2 1/4" x 18 1/2. Its a pintail and my main large wave board (for Fl.)

    Other than that, when the waves are smaller and or mushy I just bust out the lost fish quadfin its 5'9 and I love it on smaller days.

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    i'm 6'3"
    205 lbs
    goofy foot
    surf all over new england; mostly, Rhode Island and around The Wall in NH
    I'm on a 6'6" rusty piranha 2 5/8" thick and 20" wide. i've been surfing for about 6 years but only got really into surfing about 3 years ago. got this shortboard, my first, last may and LOVE it

    my surfing has progressed a lot on this board and i'm also looking for another board so i'm equally as curious to see some responses....

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    5-6 185# gulf coast goofy foot i surf a 6-10, 7s thruster most of the time, i guess you could say its the same affect as a fish board due to the thickness of it. i just got a 6-8 rainbow trustier thats thinner and a pin tail for the bigger waves during hurricane season. Does that make sence to any one?
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    6'10" thruster

    But i'm 5' 7 165 and i ride a 5' 8 quad
    so yeah about a couple of inches taller and it all depends on your skill level

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    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 167
    Skill Level: Won't make the cover of a magazine but I catch my fair share.
    Where you surf:San Francisco Bay Area
    Board Length Width and Thickness

    All fish

    5'11" Kane Garden Twinzer
    5'9" Mandala Quad
    6'2" Bluecoil Quad

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    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 170-175lbs
    Skill Level: 20 years
    Where you surf: SNJ

    I would say go with a CI Flyer or Flyer II. Twin keeled fish aren't the easiest boards to learn on, maybe some of the new school designs are but I wouldn't know. A little extra length can never hurt. I wanted a 6'4" Flyer but they only had a 6'6" which is the same as all of my other short boards. That extra 2" just gets me in waves almost too easy. It works in 3 foot Bermuda High wind slop to it holding its own in solid 6-8 foot Blacks.
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