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    Jobos is fine for beginners on the inside, where the larger sets are reformed to smaller waves, but watch out for a wicked rip current. The current goes really strong from left to right (if you are standing on the beach looking at the ocean). You don't want to be sucked into the big nasty reef/rock outcrop at the end of the beach. If there is sizable swell, Jobos is a good place to head if you are a beginner.

    Marias is good too - but watch out for the reef, look at where other people paddle ou (there is a key-hole in the reef you can get through), but watch out for the submerged airplane engine

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    Closing Surfing Spots in Puerto Rico

    Únete al grupo de Surfers Locales en Facebook y ayúdanos a combatir el cierre de playas en la isla de Puerto Rico, compártelo con tus contactos.
    Join the group of local surfers on Facebook and help us fight the closure of beaches on the island of Puerto Rico, share it with your contacts!/...d=403362297322

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    Thumbs up Hi there looby dubby!

    Wow thats really interesting. Thnx for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    The post and site is a pimp for her site.

    Guess you already have tickets -- Florida is probably a better deal for beginners -- more sandbars and not as crowded at many of the sandbars. Plenty of surf for intermediate folks as well. Less crime than PR.
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    Don't waste your time at Jobos, the locals are a$$holes. Especially now that school is out for christmas and new years there will be much more people on the waves... I was there last year at this time and it was very tense and two of my friends got jumped.

    Go to wilderness, marias, domes, surfer's beach where the locals are cool and the atmosphere is laid back.
    Puerto Rico can be either really cool or very sketch.... I'm not going to give up any spots but I can put you on to the vibe.... You have to be on your P's and Q's respect the local kingpin who probably is a sponger and try not to stare at the hot babes cuz they probably have a man who is dying to knock a ni**a out! Don't keep valuables in your rental and don't lock the doors.. Stay the hell out of the hood.. and you will be ok! Speaking spanish helps alot.

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    I liked surfing at domes and steps beach. when i surfed steps i was always the only one out you just have to watch out for that fire coral. Also if you get the right swell you should check out little malibu, its just up the beach from steps it was a really fun but shallow right barrel. Good luck

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    Surfing PR

    dbiz135 had some killer advice so take it.

    I grew up on Ramey AFB as a kid in the 60s and 70s. I know a few heavy old school locals and I know PR. It keeps me outta trouble.

    We tend to not brag our broad cast what PR is all about....
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    Beginners beach

    Playa Jobos in Isabela is the best place to learn for sure. The inside is like Waikiki. Show up at the beach and ask anyone for Papo. He gives lessons, speaks English perfect and is full of aloha. The locals at Jobos are great and very friendly as long as you go there with the right vibe and respect, like anywhere. Enjoy your trip to PR. It is PARADISE!

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    Cool PR's best and most affordable place to stay!

    I own a condo there that is brand new and loaded check out and the listing # is 214129. I guarantee the lowest rate around and have been going there since I was a little kid in the seventies so know where to go and what to do and where to surf.