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    As far as used boards you could check wavejammer in toms river on 37 west, baja east on bridge ave in pt pleasant and brave new world in pt pleasant.[/QUOTE]

    wave jammer moved to lavalette kinda across from CVS now

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllsSwell View Post
    Additional input is welcome as I haven't been to the shore for more than a day since 1998.
    In NJ only the bennies call it the shore. If you act like a local then you'll get respected. Other than that, you should have a blast. Just hope for a lot of swell. I know I will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllsSwell View Post
    As far as surfing in Lavallette, I am staying a couple blocks north of Ocean Hut. I assume that the breaks change a bit from year to year, but if anybody has any recent experience surfing around here I'd appreciate any info you have.
    Do not go any farther than Brick! The Lavalette surf is a million times better than Brick and down till close to Point.
    And if your looking for a used board, don't bother with the Ocean Hut, next to nothin last time I went around there.

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    i live virtually a minute from you.
    scott at wavejammer in lavallette has the best service,prices,and quality.
    tell him mike from chadwick sent you.
    or,i can hook you up with suits and boards i'm selling.
    and yeah,you'll get waves,or get rides to the pier a mile south of you or bayhead/jenks/inlet 15-20 minutes drive north.
    lavallette was world class surf yesterday.