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Thread: Gobble Gobble

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    I guess that blind squirrel found his nut.Gobble Gobble
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbsurfer View Post
    yeah i know the patriots got wooped but they did beat the steelers most rushing yards in the first half. also cassel isnt used to playing in ice conditions. just wait till brady comes back. you better watch your back next season.
    With Brady, the Steelers are no competition... I had doubts about the Pats since the season started. Thier defense is getting old, and the loss of Junior hurt. I look forward to seeing how they compare with the team they have now + Brady. I think they can still dominate. Last years team was quite possibly the best team EVER in the NFL. And there is no doubt the Patriots have the best coach in the history of football... I remember when the Ravens were thinking of snagging him up when they were starting out. Too bad they didn't.

    Next season, with Brady back, will be very interesting. I think they'll do good, but not as good as the last four years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck Dive 26 View Post
    I guess that blind squirrel found his nut.Gobble Gobble
    Yes he did!!!!!.......My team got completely shat on. It's ok.... I wore my flamesuit today.