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Thread: Swell

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    is there any chance at all it will last to the weekend???

    and thank you swellinfo for stoping that thread the force is just a ligthearted joke that crica and some others took to seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrekis View Post
    is there any chance at all it will last to the weekend???
    looks like we could see a decent fetch of ESE winds that could bring some small to moderate sized ground swell for the weekend.

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    hey shrekis...I like (cool) jokes and like kiddin around on the computer too.... just not harrassment everytime I try to have a legitamite conversation and I do love riding my BIC that you mentioned earlier.....its radical. why do all the swells come during the work week???and of course its dark now at 5. it'll be flat by the weekend apparently. I know this might sound weak but does anyone know if there are shops around MB/Gtown area that carry hoods...It is pretty cold and icecream headaches suck and with sinus problems it feels like your head is gonna xplode

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    so, there may be some waves around garden city or surfside this weekend? Thanks for all the updates you guys give!!

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    wont those 25kt west winds knock down most of the swell? of course offshore winds are great but at that wind speed youll have to go to the biggest beach house you can find and surf behind it. usually if we have any kind of swell the waves will get held up from such a strong wind and break only when they get right on the beach. should be ok for a longboard tho

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    yeah go to village they got hoods

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    cowboy...any idea about what they cost (at village)? this is the first year ive ever considered one and have never even checked into it

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    I have hoods here in Pawleys at Surf The Earth for $30 and up...come see me

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    thanks...I'll stop in

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    yeah village has them for 20