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    Suggestions for a size 14 surf bootie?

    Just wondering what my fellow big-footed surfers, have found to work as a comfortable bootie to surf in.

    There does not seem to be any wetsuit manufacturer that makes a surf oriented bootie, in anything bigger than size 13...and unfortunately, of the many I've tried, they are running true to size.

    I'm tired of squishing my big toe and dealing w/ the freeze. Ideally, I'd like a 7 mil, round toe, titanium lined bootie, w/ a proper sole for traction while surfing (4+ hours in 32 degree water takes it's toll on the feet).

    Scuba oriented booties seem to be available in larger sizes...but my concern is the sole on those generally has a less than desirable pattern for traction while surfing, and they are generally less flexible/more durable/less sensitive, than surf booties.

    Any suggestions...hopefully I'm just missing something in my searches, and someone out there w/ size 14 feet has stumbled upon the solution (the manufacturers wont do a custom order).


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    So nobody on here has big feet?

    Any suggestions as to a brand of scuba bootie that has a flexible enough sole, w/ appropriate traction pattern in size 14?

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    I suggest you chop off all your toes...let them heal......then you will be like a 12.

    What brands did you try to contact? Maybe try a few other brands....I know xcel does it for suits.

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    found something...

    I figured, for what it's worth, I'd post what seems like it will have to do for this season.

    I picked up some Rip Curl F-Bomb, 7 mil, round toe booties, size 13.

    They seem just about right, hopefully that tiny bit of extra "snugness" will loosen up just right once they get wet.

    They certainly seem nice and flexible all around, and no tension on the BIG toe (that one always suffers). I didn't want to isolate it w/ a split toe, as that'd only make it colder since I couldn't find a big toe slot big enough for the BIG toe.

    Actually, there is a little divit between the BIG toe and the rest, so though it's round, there is a bit of toe stability.

    I've tried most other manufacturers 7 mils (round toe and split)...but these seem to be flexible enough, where the "pre-bends" don't tire out my foot when it's just hanging there...(the others O'neil, Xcel, West, H20, Rip Curl Classic etc., all seem to have a comparably more rigid and less flexible sole than the Rip Curl F-Bomb...and I think it's that added flexibility of the new neoprene {since my last bootie purchase} that allows it to feel more like a slipper and less like a boot).

    I've been using the Rip Curl "Classic" 7 mil round failed at the stress points, so I originally wasn't too keen on repurchasing the same brand. But, the F-Bomb seems superior. I think, the reason I originally got away w/ stuffing my foot into the Classic, was because it's a simple, cheap, bootie w/ plenty of stretch.

    I did contact Xcel, as their Infiniti was my first choice (and likely the Drylock will be my next wetsuit purchase)...but they could/would not accommodate...go figure, I'd hoped since it was started by a fellow Jersey guy, they might make an attempt, but no such luck (I asked if they made anything for bigger footed pros...or even if they could just glue a 13 surf sole, on the 14 scuba bootie they go).

    I still may check what's available at the dive shop, since their sizes go to 16...but I generally think w/ an emphasis on sole durability, not flex/feel.

    It's too late in the cold season to lop off the toes, that would've had to have been done in the summer for things to be healed and ready to go by now.

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    you might consider making your own. yes it may cost a little more and take a little bit of your time, but I think you may be surprised at what you could create. I have mended many wet suits and made a few custom pieces for various uses over the years. Really very easy if you can do basic sewing and have a little time.

    You will have to buy at least two seprate sets of booties, unless you can find some used 6/4/3 or 5/3 wetsuit somehwere, for the material that is,.. and the rest should be up to you. Cut what you have to cut from one so that you can extend the other. Booties do not wear out to fast so you should still get a good amount of use out of what you make.

    Just an idea, but really, if you take the time to think it through, you really would end up with a great end product that suits your needs.

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    Can we see a picture?

    . . . of this Gigunda big toe? Put a regular size 9 or 10 beside it for comparison sake. That would be a hoot, unless of course you have toe nail fungus like Micah has. In that case, don't bother.

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    size 14 booties

    Try O'Neill's. They run a little big so you could probably fit into a 13.

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    my buddy, whom i will refer to as sasquatch, got these from wetsuit warehouse in a 14 and has been pretty happy with them:

    i know that neosport doesn't have the name brand cachet that we surfers live and die for, but sasquatch is pretty picky and sez they work muy goodo.

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    don't surf, play basketball.