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    Fort Myers

    Hey guys, i was offered a free trip to Fort Myers Florida today, all expenses paid, for a week in January. I'll probably end up going just because its free, but does anybody know if it would be worth bringing a fish or something down? Is there actually surf in this area? I could also drive to the east coast... but i think its like 2.5-3 hours to the nearest EC surf spot. Any info/advice would be much appreciated!!!

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    Fort Myers is on the gulf coast (or close I forget exactly) but there is generally no surf. Unless theres a storm rolling through. Chances are it'll be flat. But I don't live there, just every time I've been there its flat.

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    you should post in the Florida Gulf Coast Forum. But, Fort Myers doesn't get much surf, but you could drive up to the Bradenton area to the north. Winter time is the most consistent on the west side of florida from the back side of the cold fronts.

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    yeah i posted on their forum too, but prob. wont get many responses there, maybe ill just bring a pair of swim fins in case i run into a body-surfable wave.

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    We have friends in the Naples/Bonita Springs/Estero area which is just south of Fort Meyers... We have been down there a bunch of times throughout the year, and every time it has been a lake or pretty close but I have seen pics of surf there during 'cane season. The potential is there but I haven't been lucky enough to catch any though. But I have been lucky enough to catch lots of fish, which is luck that I don't have in Jersey...

    The Fort Meyers through Naples/Marco region in January can be a good time.

    Enjoy...lots of 'plastic' there to please the eye....all varieties and ages....

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    I live on the central east coast of Fl I drove over to that area ( actaully closer up towards Tampa) on the first weekend in Septemeber and here is what is looked like

    but other than huricanes and strong fronts it rarley gets anything; so I'd say it is probably not worth it unless your thinking of making the drive over the alley, but even if you do that you'll have up towards sebastian to get anything decent and that's 2+ hours in the car ( if you do that don't take 95 through palm beach it is messy construction so it's well worth it to pay the tolls to take the sawgrass upto the tpike to avoid it)
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